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Question   Appreciation
I love your work! Been browsing your gallery for quite a while. I found out about you from the article by Nick Tosches, in which he tells of his quest for origin of 'Autumn' wallpaper. How you couldn't recall the location of such a popular work is surprising.
Anyways keep up the great work!

- Ahmed Ali 10/16/2015 12:31:57 PM

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Question   Sony A5/A77
When will you have a book out on the Sony A65/A77?

- Chris Roman 11/20/2011 7:27:18 AM

  Answer I won't be doing another Sony book in the near future BUT you will be able to buy the David Busch's a65, a77 Guide in early 2012. It's not yet listed on as a future title but it should be in January.

- Peter B.  11/20/2011 2:03:37 PM

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Question   photos in other place
With your professionality and creation You must come to Argentina for takes some fabulous images of the most varied scenes.

congratulations for your talent

- alberto cotton 4/3/2011 9:51:53 AM

  Answer Gracias, Alberto. I have visited Costa Rica and Brazil but not Argentina. The world is so large and there are so many places to visit.

Next I will be going to Italy again and Sicily, also Greece.

- Peter B.  4/3/2011 4:16:02 PM

  Answer That's going to make things a lot eiaser from here on out.

- Trudy Trudy  1/2/2012 11:45:14 AM

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Question   PENTAX K5

- david ellis 3/23/2011 9:43:44 PM

  Answer Well there won't be a K-5 book from Magic Lantern because the K-7 book was not a hot seller. Such is life. Cheers! Peter

- Peter B.  3/24/2011 4:17:02 AM

  Answer I raelly needed to find this info, thank God!

- Gatsy Gatsy  1/1/2012 10:26:03 PM

  Answer There will not be a book about the K-5. The K-7 is a very similar camera and there is a book about that one.

- Peter B.  1/2/2012 6:50:27 AM

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Question   Equipment
Hai Peter, I love your photo am a beginner with a canon 450 kid and a tamron 70-300 I want to buy a tamron 18-270 is this a good lens or must I buy a canon lens? gr tonnie

- Tonnie Schenk 1/11/2011 12:44:59 PM

  Answer Hi Tonnie, Thanks! Well, none of the 18-200mm, 18-270mm or 18-300mm lenses are fabulous. But the Tamron lens is fine!

There is a review of the Tamron lens which also discusses other brands of similar lenses. You should read at least the last third of that review

Google this:

slrgear Tamron 18-270mm

and you will find it quickly.

As that review indicates, the Tamron brand lens is your best bet.


- Peter B.  1/11/2011 2:15:59 PM

  Answer A bit suprrised it seems to simple and yet useful.

- Lonitra Lonitra  1/2/2012 9:52:41 AM

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Question   Thank You!
It was great pleasure being able to meet up and shake the hands of a great photographer, a famous photographer everyone using Windows would definitely recognize. Thank you so much Peter for your inspirational course I attended at GPP (Better Outdoor and Travel Photography) in Dubai 1/5/2008.

You are a great teacher and really have the patience to pass your message or teaching's across to fellow students. I really enjoyed the day out with you and the group.

Best wishes and warm regards.

- W S Low 5/2/2008 2:58:32 AM

  Answer Reply to WS Low: Thanks for your kind note about my workshops in Dubai.

It was great to meet you too.

If you ever decide to take an on-line course, I hope you will consider mine at (See the Courses tab; four week or eight week session.)

All the best in your digital photography.


- Peter B.  5/2/2008 3:43:05 AM

  Answer Good job making it apaper easy.

- Azia Azia  1/1/2012 11:48:38 PM

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Question   Weldone
Nice to see That beautiful image of windows was shot by you

- Awais Yaqub 4/28/2008 12:57:20 PM

  Answer Thanks for your kind note, Awais.


- Peter B.  4/29/2008 9:03:21 AM

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Question   Nice Work
I am an Irish landscape photographer and I think you have some really stunning photography in your gallery. I could browse for quite a while. You can check out my site if you like by following the link below. Peter

- Peter Gordon 3/12/2008 3:21:18 AM

  Answer Thanks, Peter.

And *your* images are incredible! (

btw, I just got back from India, including Cochin, so it was interesting to see your photo of the fishing net. We shot it at sunset too, but from a boat.

One of these days, I will upload some India photos to my web site.

Cheers! Peter

- Peter B.  3/12/2008 6:36:34 AM

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Question   natural beauty
The photos are awe -inducing. Is the representation computer enhanced or "natural"? For philosophical reasons, I'd like to know that such things exist.

- mike carden 1/27/2008 1:44:37 PM

  Answer Mike: Well, I certainly tweak exposure and color balance, as most digital photographers do. But I don't do any major manipulation,

Thanks for your kind comment.

Peter Burian

- Peter B.  1/27/2008 5:53:14 PM

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Question   Nice post
Hammm… Nice post… Interesting.....

- Bobby Jeffers 1/22/2008 4:09:42 AM

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